P5_3 Pigs on the Wing

T J. Benham, B Foxcroft, C J. C. Dodds, S. J. W. Waters


This article explores the possibility of a pig flying over Battersea Power Station, as shown on the Pink Floyd album ’Animals,’ and the time it would take for the pig’s height to exceed the height of the chimneys. Using the lift force equation, we graphically show the minimum wind velocity required to lift a 70 kg pig 101 m, the height of the Battersea Power Station. We find that for a pig of this mass, a wind velocity of 20.4 ms-1 was required. Furthermore, in order to measure the time for the pig to reach the height of Battersea Power Station, an acceleration of 3.8 ms-2 was calculated; this assumes a severe gale wind velocity of 24 ms-1 as defined by The Met Office. We find that it would take 7.3 s to travel the required height, assuming only vertical movement. 

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