A1_8 Special Relativistic Considerations of the New York Minute

Alistair Goodwin, Laura Horton, Luca James, Chris Mander, Michael McKee


In this paper, we investigate the special relativistic effects of New York having a 58 second minute compared to the 60 seconds we observe. We found that the city of New York must be moving at v≈7.68×10^7 m s^−1 relative to the rest frame of Earth if this time difference is due to time dilation.. We also found that the true average male New Yorker height is 184.14 cm compared to the average height we observe of 178 cm due to length contraction. This increases the probability of a male New Yorker being taller than the average Dutch male from 0.29 in our rest frame to 0.58 in the New Yorker rest frame.

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