P1_5 I Would Walk 500 More

Phil Relton, Scott Davis, Alice Ramsden, Connor Clark


In the paper 'P1 3 I Would Walk 500 Miles' [1] the reduction in body mass of the average Scottish male, or 'Proclaimer', was considered as a relation to distance walked. It was further proposed that a model could be formed in which the Proclaimers' energy is drawn from some carried mass of food, rather than its own body fat. In this paper we consider the relation between body mass and the necessary carried mass of food for a Proclaimer to walk, with negligible mass reduction, over fixed distances. It was found that the mass a Proclaimer must carry is directly proportional to the Proclaimers' body mass. It was also found that the initial carried mass increases exponentially over journey length. It is therefore not feasible for the Proclaimer to carry its own food over the full 1000 miles.

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