P5_7 Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon

Emily Jane Baldwin, Thomas James Beedle, Naomi Esther Cook, Mabel Elisabeth Evershed


In Game of Thrones there is a legend that states that there used to be two moons in the sky, one of which was a dragon egg. This then hatched when it got too close to the sun, leaving only one moon in the sky. We have calculated the intensity of fire in the show as we are assuming that fire on Earth is not an accurate representation. This intensity was found to be 195 kW m^−2 . Using this as the intensity that is required to hatch a dragon egg, it was found the dragon egg moon would have to have an orbital radius of 137 x 10^6 km around Earth to experience the same intensity from the Sun. In order for the dragon egg to appear the same size as the moon at this distance it requires a radius of 5.81 x 10^5 km.

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