P1_5 The Megapixel Limit

Roisin Alindia Boadle, Emma Wigfield, Amanjit Singh Dulay


This article discusses the megapixel (MP) limit for a camera- the point at which the resolution of the print matches that of the eye. The limit is calculated for normal sight and for the best possible sight. It is found that for print sizes from 6x4â€-18x12†the megapixel limit is 8.61-71.31MP (best sight) and 2.90-23.99MP (normal sight). The variation of the megapixel limit with viewing distance is also addressed; for an 18x12†print the megapixel limit drops below 1MP for viewing distances above 2m. Some factors affecting the visual acuity of an eye are given, and their potential effects on the MP limit mentioned. 

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