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Vol 1 (2011) An Alternative Representation of Femininity in 1920s Lebanon: Through the Mise-en-Abîme of a Masculine Space Abstract   PDF
Yasmine Nachabe
Vol 1 (2011) Bedouin Settlement in Late Ottoman and British Mandatory Palestine: Influence on the Cultural and Environmental Landscape, 1870-1948 Abstract   PDF
Seth J. Frantzman, Ruth Kark
Vol 1 (2011) Book Review of Cassandra Balchin, Toward a Future Without Fundamentalisms: Analysing Religious Fundamentalist Strategies and Feminist Responses Abstract   PDF
Eva Sajoo
Vol 1 (2011) Book Review of Emre Aracı, Naum Tiyatrosu: 19. Yüzyıl İstanbulu’nun İtalyan Operası Abstract   PDF
Melis Sülos
Vol 1 (2011) Book Review of Fanar Haddad, Sectarianism in Iraq: Antagonistic Visions of Unity Abstract   PDF
Nussaibah Younis
Vol 1 (2011) Book Review of Max Weiss, In the Shadow of Sectarianism: Law, Shiʿism and the Making of Modern Lebanon Abstract   PDF
Alexander D. M. Henley
Vol 1 (2011) Book Review of Timur Kuran, The Long Divergence: How Islamic Law Held Back the Middle East Abstract   PDF
Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim
Vol 1 (2011) Book Review of Zeina B. Ghandour, A Discourse on Domination in Mandate Palestine: Imperialism, Property and Insurgency Abstract   PDF
Lauren Banko
Vol 1 (2011) Creating a New Historiography of the Persian Gulf: The Case of Qatar Abstract   PDF
Peter C. Valenti
Vol 1 (2011) From Medina to Runnymede: Comparing the Foundational Legacies of the Constitution of Medina and the Magna Carta Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Kleidosty
Vol 1 (2011) Islam and Dispute Resolution in Central Asia: The Case of Women Muslim Leaders Abstract   PDF
David E. Merrell
Vol 1 (2011) The Role of Israel in Ayman Nour's Liberal Vision for Egypt Abstract   PDF
Ofir Winter
Vol 1 (2011) To Manage, Resolve or Transform? The Way Forward for the EU in the Middle East Peace Process Abstract   PDF
Anders Persson
Vol 1 (2011) Western Sahara and Palestine: A Comparative Study of Colonialisms, Occupations, and Nationalisms Abstract   PDF
Rana B. Khoury
Vol 1 (2011) White Flag of Resistance Abstract   PDF
Yonatan Mendel
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